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Multiple Teams · Team Honors for the Spring Season

Padua Franciscan High School and its Athletic Department would like to congratulate all of the Spring Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Parents on a Tremendous Spring Season. In the next few weeks each of our teams will hold their end of season banquets and many individual honors are going recognized at these banquets. Below are the Individuals who will be recognized:


Alex Ludwick – NCL ALL First Team

Kyle Wisniewski – NCL ALL First Team

Nick Pillin – NCL ALL First Team

Matt Kazimour – NCL ALL Second Team

Colin Pavlus – NCL ALL Second Team

Kristian Abood – NCL ALL Second Team

Justin Beckwith – NCL Honorable Mention

Ryan Koler – NCL Honorable Mention

Tom Whitely – NCL Honorable Mention


Dave Jesionek – NCL Coach of the Year

Devan Peterson – NCL ALL First Team

Ana LaGuardia – NCL ALL First Team

Maggie Oswald – NCL ALL Second Team

Samantha Lusnek – NCL ALL Second Team

Elena Rauhe – NCL Honorable Mention

Julia Giordano – NCL Honorable Mention

Sydney Szafarski – NCL Honorable Mention


Mathew Peters – NCL Coach of the Year

Ben Starkey – NCL ALL First Team & ALL Region Second Team

Paul Medrick – NCL ALL First Team & ALL Region Honorable Mention

Collin Cobb – NCL ALL First Team & ALL Region Second Team

Joe Onorato – NCL ALL Second Team & ALL Region Honorable Mention

Joey Borsuk – NCL ALL Second Team

Trenton Cramer – NCL ALL Second Team

Evan Acino – NCL Honorable Mention

Ian Koler – NCL Honorable Mention

Will Dzurnak – NCL Honorable Mention

Collin Thein – NCL Honorable Mention

Mark Blasinsky – NCL Honorable Mention

Boys Tennis:

Kevin Leigh – District Qualifier

Nick Pullar – District Qualifier

Track & Field:

Andrew Clemente – District Qualifier

Matt Bildstein – District Qualifier

Morgan Lancaster – NCL ALL First Team

Zach Szafarski – NCL ALL Second Team