Boys Varsity Baseball · Bruin Baseball Teams Selected

The Staff and I would like to thank the players for making these decisions very difficult this year.  Since we have a variety of players at each level that can be moved from team to team due to talent,  we have decided that many of this year’s players will be asked to play on various teams so we can continue the process of challenging and developing their progress as a baseball player.  Below are the assignments that we will begin the season with.

Varsity JV Frosh
Rusin Ocasio Zoladz
Mog Holland Ungvarsky
Kocuba Kraus Rush
Friery King Rich
Atkins Kazimer Prexta
Abood Jarecki Petti
Whitely Boscarello III Moscarino
McGlashan Ragone Mindzora
Lynch Duncan Jones
Koces Baker Brown
Hickey Vertal Brown
DeCicco Rypiak Gilday
Barta Rimbert Fry
Niro McCaffery
Wisniewski Speeth
Robinson Ahmann
McGlashan Bazzichi