Padua Business Alliance

The official Padua Franciscan Business Alliance Program is a one-stop-shop for marketing opportunities that are valuable to our business supporters, while providing necessary resources for Padua to continue successfully serving our youth. This advertising program is designed to provide your business with true marketing value through a wide variety of multi-platform advertisements.These packages provide numerous marketing impressions for alliance members to reach our global Padua Franciscan community. With over 24,000 alumni and friends in our database and over 100,000 visitors annually to our school, stadium and gymnasium, the reach is extensive.Padua is proud to offer a variety of advertising opportunities for local organizations through the following tiered options: PLATINUM, GOLD, BROWN, WHITE & ORANGE. (See overview below on the flyer.)

Padua Business Alliance Flyer

Businesses with smaller marketing budgets still have the opportunity to place advertisements as Business Supporters by placing a print ad in the seasonal Athletic Sports Program booklets or Spring/Winter Musical Program booklets as a Business Supporter in our Tier 2 Program.

Padua Business Alliance relationships run for an entire year (July 1st – June 30th) and monthly payment options are available.

For additional information on the Padua Business Alliance program, contact the Vice President of Advancement Tom Harkness at or 440-845-2444 x109.  Thank you for your consideration!